Streblow Custom Boats is one of the oldest wooden boat makers in the United States. In 1947, Larry Streblow began building boats as a hobby. He loved to personally design and build small craft and was very good at it. His friends encouraged him to start a boat company and build small outboard boats for other people. So his “hobby” began in his garage and turned out his first hull. Pretty soon his hobby outgrew his personal garage and into a rented 3-stall garage.


Built and tested for the big waters of Lake Michigan, Larry’s crafts had gained a reputation for superior handling in all seas and his popularity grew. In 1954, he moved again and formally incorporated his business into Streblow Custom Boats, Inc. He still served as “the designer” and was responsible for creating all Streblow designs from small outboards to outboard cruisers to inboards while his son, Randy, began to join the team. From age 12, Randy showed the same vigor as his father for wooden boat making. In 1987, the operation moved to its current location, just off the south side of Geneva Lake. Being just a stone’s throw from the avid wooden boating community of Geneva Lake helped to make Streblow the trademark boat of the expansive lake – as today more than 100 Streblows skim its waters. Geneva Lake truly is Streblow Country.

Randy Streblow carried on Larry’s love and ingenuity of mahogany boats even after his father’s passing, also sharing the business with the next generation. He often said, “there’s nothing I would rather do. I get paid to play with toys.” Randy brought a level of passion and strong customer relations that once you owned the boat, you also became a part of something special, the Streblow Boating Family.

In 2016, Steve Horton, Randy Streblow’s protege and valued employee of over 30 years, took ownership of Streblow Custom Boats. Today, Horton and his team continue to carry on the legacy of the fine mahogany watercraft all based on Larry’s basic hull designs. The inside of the boat has changed to incorporate contemporary styling and customer needs, but the basic hull design is still that of Larry Streblow. Of the over 500 Streblows built since the company’s beginning, many things have changed but the one constant that remains is commitment to excellence.