Handmade Wooden Boats

At Streblow, our handmade custom wood boats create an everlasting experience. We have crafted our Streblows to live a long and exciting existence. Since 1950, our craftsmen have used a timeless design and the finest materials to build our boats. Intricate custom building techniques by the crew bring together the white oak framing, under a flawless mahogany exterior. Sit back and relax on our posh, comfortable leather upholstery. Listen to the sound of your engine as you experience superior craftsmanship on the water.

Join the legacy of over 100 boats on Lake Geneva and more than 500 classic vessels touring the waters nationwide. When choosing a Certified Pre-owned Streblow, know that the uncompromising standards executed in each boat build will continue to afford you years of memories on the water.

Available Models

2020 Marks 70 Years…

Streblow Custom Boats is one of the oldest wooden boat makers in the United States. In 1947, Larry Streblow began building boats as a hobby. He loved to personally design and build small crafts and excelled at it. His friends encouraged him to start a boat company and build small outboard boats for other people. This hobby began in his small garage, where he eventually turned out his first hull in 1950. Pretty soon, his hobby outgrew his garage and the Streblow legacy was born.

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