The Making of a Streblow

Video by At the Lake Magazine

From the moment we meet in our design room, we want your experience to be unmatched.
That's the Streblow way!
Choosing your Streblow's style, color and size is just the start. When you decide to embark on the exciting journey of building your own classic wooden boat, you're guaranteed to have everything you want for your lake life dreams for years to come.

Made to Order 

by Classic Boating Magazine

Explains the process taken to build a Streblow custom wooden boat from start to finish. 

Model Options

V-Drive or Straight Drive


The engine is located at the stern (back of the boat) and the gas tank is beneath the front seats

This model is very spacious and allows for easy communication for guests. An attachable table in the center is great for card games, food, drinks & more!

Straight Drive

The engine is in the middle and the gas tank is in the stern (back of the boat)

The engine hatch cover of this model is the best seat in the house for sun tanning! Depending on your choice of design, this can be smaller or larger, giving more room for guests in the back. You also have the choice of creating a walk-way to the captain's seat up front. 

Size Options

Choose from 23', 26' or 28'

23' V-Drive Streblow Walk Through

28' V-Drive Streblow Walk Through